A one of a kind data camouflage app

Oculis Labs

Oculis Labs is a security company focused on providing technological services to protect computer screens from eavesdroppers.

We designed "Chamaleon" by programming and algorithm to calculate exact screen coordinates for correct data displaying. The information not visible for the main user is scrambled and assures that personal and regulated information are securely handled.

Chameleon is one of the main products that oculis labs offers in the security market.

This brand new application showcased the integration of gaze tracker equipment video display drivers and real-time response to eye movement and screen data manipulation in order to protect data display form any word processing application such as Excel, Word, Notepad, etc.

Team Insights

Inflection Point Blogger

"The importance of responsiveness in a few milliseconds pushed us to be creative and write efficient code"

Osvaldo G.
Inflection Point Blogger

"At first this project seemed like plain Sci-Fi, but after it worked in front of hundreds of people I learnt I was working in ground-breaking technology."

Victor C.

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