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How the adventure began

Strange as it may sound,  at first this project was not about science and an engineer's curiosity as you may think, it was all about taking the best and most stunning photography. Fernando, an amateur photographer and developer, started to think how cool it would be to take a picture from the sky. 

When you are an engineer at Inflection Point sky is the limit, and the possibility of sending a camera to space doesn’t sound so crazy. He told us about his awesome idea to the group of extraordinary and talented people who work here and proposed them to create the project “Sky-Quest”, in which they would make a weather balloon and send it with a camera to the Stratosphere to take pictures of Earth.

They all loved the idea, and so the adventure began.


The team

We had a team of 18 professionals working on this project, everything from engineers to designers to help SkyQuest become a reality.

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