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Thinking outside the box (Part 2)

Following the rhythm of the first part of the article, I introduce you the next steps to keep developing your thoughts outside the box:

Get away from your comfort zone! I know that everything is comfortable and easy inside of it, but nobody goes further staying all the time in the same place. Once you give yourself the chance to get away from there you are also opening your eyes to more possibilities... I cannot really tell you which are those possibilities, because only you know where you want to go and what is the reason that is keeping you behind. Think, create, analyze... and that makes us go to our next point...

MAKE QUESTIONS!- Not a single question that is in pursuit of knowledge will make you look like a fool, you have to even question yourself. Write them down, ask yourself over and over again, don’t be afraid to be curious, “Is this even possible?” well “why not?” It could work! And by the way now that we mention it..

DO RESEARCH, RESEARCH and DO EVEN MORE RESEARCH!: All great ideas have a basis, it´s very cool to be able to be creative but we also aim to be effective. Research about what you are thinking, about if it has been done before, if someone already worked on it or if there is something else that can help you to be on the right direction. Do not block yourself just because the lack of information, go and look for it! Research the impact, create maps of possibilities based on your knowledge and never just stay with what you already know, it´s not about copying, it´s feedback you get in order to improve. Remember that part of the development process is to IMPROVE what already exists, aside of creating something new.

Stay tuned for the last part of the article, coming soon!

Mirna R.

A graphic designer with UI/UX experience, Mirna has a lot to say about this.