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CMS - Sitecore Training, Day 3

Day three is here, and perhaps the final part in the understanding of Sitecore and CMS. We already had the chance to see the fundamental part of Sitecore as a Content Management System; we’ll now see what’s so special about Sitecore and what are the advantages of developing websites using a CMS such as Sitecore. Also, I’ll cover a little bit about the certification exam.

Day 3

In this third session of the training, the learning was focused on the details of the Sitecore tool that help to see the advantages of a Content Management System. Understanding the definition, and the layers is just the basic stuff, as in a proper development of a website there’s much more to the users needs, and there is a vast infinity of possibilities of what we as developers can build as a solution.

Trying not to be too technical about this course, I’d like to highlight the Content Editor support that the developer can build for the business user. And how building a website in Sitecore gives their users the possibility to change content without altering the presentation and vice versa, which is definitely an advantage over a regular website. I wish I could be a little bit more graphical in the explaining of this process, as it may be a little bit hard to understand how the layers mentioned in my previous post come together and can still be modified separately, but I’ll try to do it.

A regular website is usually only created as a system which receives data from the external user, a CMS site is created in order to be dynamically created & modified without requiring a developer for those tasks. A business user then, is responsible for managing the templates and controls the developer created for him through a user-friendly interface. Of course, this process involves rules that need to be programmed and defined to create consistency within the website. Also some workflows are defined to define approvals or special processes for the publication of the updates. This pretty much summarizes what a CMS is, hopefully this and my previous posts helped you understand what it is, tomorrow I’ll try and cover some details about the actual applications of a CMS in the development of web solutions, something we do here at Inflection Point Systems.

But before that, I’d like to mention briefly the Sitecore Certification exam, which I had the chance to experience today. The exam covers most of the topics covered in the training in a way which either test the understanding of the concept through direct questions or does so by presenting some situational cases where the proper understanding of the Sitecore processes are essential. I’ve got to admit that having an exam straightforward after finishing the development stage made me nervous, but I guess the way it is handled makes it work and in the end makes you feel that you have been really growing to learn about the technology.

That was all for this post, but stay tuned... we still got to find out what else there is to learn about Sitecore and Content Management Systems. And remember, feel free to write any comment regarding these posts or to ask any question.
Gustavo C.