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CMS - Sitecore Training, Day 4

Prototyping day is finally here - the final day of the Sitecore training. People in the session got together into groups and we’ve got the chance to develop a full web solution from scratch. With this we try and take into practice what we’ve learnt so far as well as to figure out some new things about Sitecore... I’ve got to say that this was definitely fun! Wanna know why?

Day 4

To start the day, and before the prototyping we got into a pretty much relevant tool of Sitecore which is the Package Manager, as it is to expect this tool is the Sitecore solution into how to pack and share the solutions for a proper installation at another instance of Sitecore without going through much trouble. You can either send a whole solution or partial updates, however it’s quite important to take into consideration all the required files and perhaps to test if the zip file that’s generated will work as expected. Missing files could lead into some trouble... But well, this introduction of the prototyping sessions was only a brief that helped us to work on separate machines and later get the separate parts of the site into one single solution using the package manager.

Talking about the prototype, the interesting part of working in a solution from scratch is first of all, that we were able to take our learning process into a real situation. We had to design, and develop the content tree, the templates, the layouts... everything in a way in which we thought it would work. This was very useful to understand how the architecture should be defined accordingly to the results you expect to see on the website. The designing process was an interesting part, but not as much as the actual development.

In the development, the fun part of it was to get the chance to sit down and actually start using Sitecore, I got the chance to see the highlights of this content management system, which I’ve got to admit when the training started I wasn’t very fond of it... That has changed now. By getting to know this and other content management systems, and by expecting you’ve read my previous posts and understood what a CMS is I’d like to close this week’s training posts by explaining to you why I see a competitive advantage in having your websites been built in a CMS System and particularly using Sitecore technology.

A Sitecore Website can be any website you can think of with the particularity that is developed using sitecore technology, which gives the developer some nice tools to build content, templates and layouts - sometimes in a much easier way - that bind together to create the site. However the Sitecore technology gives the developer also the possibility to create those generic templates in such way that any non-developer person can edit it and directly publish those changes or by sending the changes through a workflow that requires someone’s approval. If you still don’t see what’s the cool thing about CMS here, then I’ll tell you... that by allowing the business users, marketers and any other content user to edit the website without requiring software development you have a website that can be easily updated with the most recent news, posts or changes the you require in the moment that you need it without necessarily having a software developer always available to make changes to the site. Meaning that by having a WCMS you’ll have a very feasible to use tool for the authoring of your website in a collaborative way.

And well, that’s what we do here at Inflection Point Systems, we develop software solutions and we always try to be up to date with the latest technologies. Web content management has evolved significantly through the latest years and we do believe in always delivering the best solutions to our clients, meaning that using Sitecore could be a good choice for some of them. That’s why I am eager to keep learning such tools...

Gustavo C.