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Thinking outside the box (Part 1)

Well, first things first, what is this "box" anyway? The box is the square and methodical thinking that we always follow to reach a goal, from which we already know the result and well, if we already know that it works and that someone many years ago integrated this system and it worked; I mean, why fix something that is not even broken? But something that we miss to think about is, that this person was an INNOVATOR in his time and that probably people laughed at him calling him "nuts" or "weirdo" just because he thought about breaking free of the protocols of software development and nowadays this person is a reference of something practical and functional.

We already identified the famous box (yes! The comfort zone) and now, what do we do to get out of it? A very important question would be "Why so serious?" No, really. At least in our work field, in the big software and technology development companies, I haven’t seen a single soul that promotes themselves in a serious or non-creative way. Of course we ought to show commitment and seriousness with our clients, but that is way too far apart of the things we want to project as a company and that is the values and other things that give the real "push" to what we do and the technical ideas that we come up with.

The first HTML was written by a guy that was marked as a crazy person, along with a bunch of other guys also marked the same. It worked and after it a lot of languages related to .html emerged like .xhml, .htm and old grandpa Internet explorer and its aspirations to conquer the world and more stuff was added to programming languages, labels, formulas. The process of creating something from scratch, improve what already exists and make it functional it’s not only a straightforward process, it is also a creative process.

If you are really comfy and cozy in your box, let me help you to get some fresh air. You will notice that the air outside is way better than the one inside of it, here I present you some best practices to free you from your box:

Be prepared for BIG CHANGES: being enclosed makes us hermetic to changes and makes hard for us to accept new ideas. Be prepared for big and important changes, make them yours and take advantage of them the best way you can, ride the train of thought of change and maybe it will take you to develop better solutions than the ones that already exists. Be careful with the ideas that you firmly reject just because they don’t match your way of thinking, the fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, the fact that you didn’t think about it first doesn’t make it wrong neither, the chance to improve this idea? PLEASE BE MY GUEST!

Is there any other way of thinking about this? I won’t deny that is very comfortable to follow protocols but... is there any other way? I know that in the beginning might be hard, but as you start exercising your brain you will not only be able to find different solutions but also you will be able to identify the functional ideas from the useless ones. It's NOT a waste of time, it’s a great practice towards true innovation and this is not only software development exclusive, you can also apply this to several aspects of your life, there is always more than 1 option.

Do not assume: A very big mistake (and if you ask me a behavior dangerously comfortable is to assume) To assume has several friends behind. Those are Mr. Fear and Mr. Laziness. In the long run, to assume actually works a couple of times but it will get you more annoyance than benefits, that little error that you assumed that if you ignored it, it wouldn’t give you any trouble, later it will become the mother of other 5 errors than will give you a lot and I mean A LOT of trouble when you try to deliver the last stage of your project.

Mirna R.

A graphic designer with UI/UX experience, Mirna has a lot to say about this.