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Sitecore 7 Sneak Peak

Sitecore 7 release is coming soon...

I was researching the new features that Sitecore 7 will have and I found out that there will be lots of features for developers.

Among other things, Sitecore 7 has been rewritten to leverage .NET 4.5 API. It has also updated third party libraries to the latest version and it has a new implementation of the Item class. But the biggest improvement IMHO is in their search. The refactored search and index architecture allows you to:

  • Plug search providers, including Solr.
  • Tweak all Lucene settings through Sitecore configuration.
  • Use the new Crawler API.
  • View reindexing statistics right from Sitecore Desktop.
  • Rebuild part of the index, not all the index.
  • Clear HTML cache on index rebuild.

If you want to read more details, you can take a look at this blog post Sitecore 7 Peek.

Eduardo M.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Eduardo has over 15 years of experience, 6 working with Java, 8 with .NET and 5 with Sitecore and other CMS. He is an Electronic Systems Engineer who enjoys tennis and has written some pretty cool blog entries you should read.