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ES6 Right Now

This conference presented the ES6 (EcmaScript 6) which is JavaScript’s next version. The new ES6 features were discussed, such as promises, object.assign, sets and maps, among others. These work as an “added” gallery to JavaScript and can be at our grip just by adding a tool that will manage these new functionalities: es6-shim.

Other features which involve a new syntaxes were also presented such as let, array comprehension, fat arrow (=>), destructuring assignment, template strings, generators, classes and modules, among others. To use them we need a transpiler (A ES6 to ES5 compiler) like Traceur.

I believe that the introduction of these new features on ES6 is very good because they are mostly elements that had already been used through other libraries such as JQuery and having them available on ES6 will strengthen standardization. This will benefit several aspects such as code integration, maintenance and communication among developers; at the end of the day it’ll make us more productive.

We’re still far from having ES6 completely implemented on a browser and even farther from having such browsers broadly used by users. Nevertheless, we can help accelerate this by learning, discussing and incorporating these new functionalities; this will allow us to be prepared when they become mainstream and meanwhile contribute to its standardization.

I believe it was a great idea that Inflection Point incorporated this conferences and gave us some time to talk about them.

Jorge H.

Jorge has a Bachelor's and a Master’s degree in Computer Science which gave him a very strong background in the field. He has been working with the .NET platform for more than five years now and more recently with content management systems. He likes basketball, music, programming, and technology in general.