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There's more than one way to skin a cat

During the development of a project we are facing different problems and seeking solutions, frequently we use frameworks which somehow meet that need; however: Is including frameworks or using third party’s libraries the best way to solve the problem? Is the tool or framework that we are using the best tool to solve the problem? How can we help to evaluate the tools? Should we choose to build our own place solution from adding unnecessary dependencies to the solution?

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat, raises the debate on these questions and encourage the developers to be more inquisitive, critical and analytical in regards to frameworks and tools in general. It encourages the community not to just follow the pack, but to assess cost - benefit, technical support, redundant or unnecessary dependencies that may generate performance issues, in the end an analysis to awareness of the tool and its competitors.

Due to the dynamism and variety of projects there is space for a correct range of possibilities, there is not a silver bullet or panacea; the best FRAMEWORK or the best tool will always depend on the nature of the project or problem.

Flavio P.

15 years of experience, a Computer Science degree and tons of successful projects are not enough to describe Flavio. He comes from Campeche and has been living in Monterrey for 7 years, in this time he has managed to be one of Inflection Point’s star developers and also to get to know the best places to eat around the city! Any type of interesting topic like Dr. Who, Zombies, science and of course development are the kind of things you can discuss with him, and that is why he is an active Inflection Point’s blog contributor.