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R.I.P. Technologies that died in 2014

We always take for granted the technologies that we use, we think they can long live its purpose, but sadly they do die and every now and then before its time; here are some technologies that died this 2014.

Google News - Spain.

Google respond to the intellectual property law approval and his “tasa Google” closing the news service. “This new legislation forces any Spain’s publication to charge, to services like Google News”... Since Google news doesn’t generate any income, this new approach is just unsustainable.


flappy bird

Flappy Bird.

It was an amazingly simple but devilishly difficult game that hooked thousands of users worldwide, until it became the most downloaded game on both Android and iOS app stores. Its creator was so overwhelmed and amazed by its success that he decided to remove it, thousands were upset and second hand mobile devices that still have the game, were sold for hundreds of dollars.

Plasma televisions.

On its moment, these TVs were on the edge of technology, but their moment has gone, they are expensive to produce, hard to improve, occupy more space and consume more, so on july 2014 Samsung announced that they will no longer produce them, joining branches such as Panasonic, Pioneer or Sony.


PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Our beloved PSP has gone, it carried the tradition of the game boy, but its successor PSP Vita is making its way behind her, and SONY has announced the last summer that it is time to let it have all the protagonism, so, after 10 years on the market SONY stopped distributing it in Japan, Europe and US.

Windows XP.

No one was taken by surprise with this one, but still is a shame, in April Microsoft pulled the plug on its baby. No more updates or patches for it, there were about four millions of computers still using it by then, we will all miss you XP you were a very stable O.S.

msn messenger

Windows Live Messenger.

Who didn’t know this beautiful chat window; you must have missed it, and whoever says they don’t lies, cause after fifteen years and a hundred millions of users, some learned to used the keyboard faster chatting in it. Earlier the last year Microsoft turned it off passing its functions to skype.

Internet Explorer 6 (At last).

When Windows XP died it carried a collateral damage with it, actually we all thank God that this one has died... no one will miss you; Microsoft should have killed this waaaaaay back when they found out its limited used.


windows 9

Windows 9.

Technically this one didn’t die, we were all expecting it because it was the later version of its horribly failed Windows 8, but then again Microsoft just wants us to forget Windows 8 and to put some distance it decided kill the idea of Windows 9 and Windows 10 was born instead, we’ll miss you 9 even if we didn’t know you so well.


Captchas are used to avoid bots collapsing some services; many web pages use them to prove that the user that is logging in is human. While this system is not dead yet, Google has revealed that it has something in mind to replace this system for new ones, given the speed in which the bots are learning to read them just as well as we humans do, so we should expect them to be dead in no time.


Waldo C.

With several years of experience as a developer, Waldo has written some very interesting posts.