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Sharing the knowledge in sake of better code

Recently I read an article about Joel Test for programmers, that reminded me some of the skills  a developer should practice every day. One thing lead to another and I started thinking again in that several-times-postponed-article about knowledge transfer in our company.

You know, besides my job’s duties I write a column in our company magazine dedicated to all of those activities that inadvertently become a tradition or habit in our organization. I’ve wrote about our Annual Offsite, the ping pong tournament, Friday Tacos Community, Santa’s visit close to Christmas or even about the Secret Chilaquiles Society.

But one habit for which I’m proud of being a part of IPS is how open we are about sharing our knowledge. We like challenges, we’re always incorporating the latest tools to give our customers the highest value possible. In this race against technology innovations, sharing our experiences and learned lessons is an essential activity in our daily interaction that strengthen the skills and capabilities of our team. I mean, at the end of the day you’d rather have a gang with permeate knowledge than a couple of specialists.

It’s easy to share when you have the attitude: listening and encouraging people to contribute is basic in our culture. Seasoned fellows coach new members about code quality, architecture, best practices, user experience as well as code versioning, task tracking and other tools. At the same time, those seasoned peers learn from younger guys, form their impetus and fresh wisdom.

Coaching and tutoring are only two of many ways to learn at IPS. In the last years I’ve been working with VB6 and classic asp, C#. asp.NET, TSQL, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ, Dependency Injection, MS Enterprise Library, CMS, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc... I’ve had a bunch of tools to take advantage over those technologies such as training, seminars, certifications and hands-on projects. Recently, since I met responsive design in the flavor of Bootstrap, I’ve been exercising my Ajax and JQuery aptitudes, and let me tell you nothing is more effective for improving your UX design than discussing with a front-end developer. Have you ever talked with front end developers? They are passionate about user experience and best performance. Our company has the privilege of counting with a group of them that enlighten us to create fresh, fast and smooth designs.

In addition to skilled front-end developers, we have people that are enthusiastic about different technologies who like to discuss latest news or trends related to their area of interest; from recreational electronics to Arduino devices passing through Java, Elasticsearch, security, Classic ASP, Sitecore, cryptography or Python, you can easily find someone to have a pleasant and nutritious talk.

Regardless if you’re immersed in a discussion during a training session, or participate in a lunchtime debate; no matter if you reach someone during coffee breaks, or join to a seminar, or a discussions across cubicles...  you can find true interest in helping to solve other people’s problems, after all this is one of the best ways to keep learning, to keep updated.

Luis G.

An expert we all come to when in doubt, Luis was born in Monterrey and has a B.S. Electronic Systems Engineering degree His multiple abilities are backed 10 years of experience in .NET, SQL and recently joined the ranks of front end developers. A Star Wars and Lego enthusiast, he is also a loving father and a very friendly co-worker who writes for the Inflection Point’s blog with lots of inspiration and fills our blog with descriptions of our work environment that recall us all of the good times.