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New Trends in Business Analysis for 2016

Today as Business Analysts we are experiencing a huge change on our role in the organization, our main role has been characterized as tactical (strictly follow the process) but now the organizations are also using the Business Analyst role to align and drive organizational strategy.

These changes are focused on getting more involved in the strategy increasing our communication with the team rather than creating a lot of written documentation, spreadsheets, etc. “Write less, communicate more.”

Following the premise above, it will be very useful to build better business cases but in order to fully complete the task it’s important to bear in mind that today it’s mandatory to focus more on benefits and less on project activities. It is important to follow the rules and create a lot of documentation, but it is even more important to provide the complete solutions for the client. “More focus on business value, less on project activities.”

Sometimes we have the idea that we are the only ones who are in charge of understanding the functionality of a simple new software, but we never think about all the things that the solutions involve, all what we will provide when this simple software is fully developed; most of the time, we do not take care of the interfaces, interdependencies and interactions that happen between people, processes, business rules and other enablers that will add to the challenge and “wholeness” of delivering a solution . For the sake of our organization, it is crucial that we as a BA’s understand that “It is not just about software, it is about the whole solution.”

In summary, we must be prepared to experience this evolution on the BA role with fresh ideas to improve our participation in the organization. All the documentation, charts, spreadsheets, etc., are very important for the project, but all of them are useless if we are not fulfilling the goal of providing a complete result focused in the benefits and providing a whole solution. So, you can remain the “Same old, same old” guy or you can become the “LESS STRATEGY, MORE EXECUTION GUY” so, which will you choose…?
Hadwin Z.

A B.S. in Communication and Electronic Engineering, Lead Scrum Master - Sr. Business Analyst at Inflection Point Systems, and more than 10 years of experience in several areas, Hadwin is a great part of our team . He loves reading, music, and soccer; he comes from Mexico city and has been living in Monterrey for the past 16 years. Make sure to read what’s on his mind!