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Tips For Excellent English #2

The second tip is don’t study grammar rules. I know you may be surprised, because most of you are told when you’re learning English that you must study grammar rules. And you’ve been learning English for many years, some of you in high school, some of you have been learning at University or in a language school.

So now I have a question for you: Have you been successful? Do you feel good about how your English learning is progressing? Many of you have been studying for a number of years. Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: Are you able to speak English quickly, easily and automatically? If not, then you need to ask why; well the reason is because you’ve been studying the wrong way. Many people experience this same frustration, they focus too much on grammar, they study grammar rules far too much, their teachers tell them that is the way that you learn the English language. They tell you the best way is to study grammar rules and you look at your textbooks, as a result, that’s why many people believe it’s very important to study these grammar rules.

So I know the next question you may have is why is it important to not study grammar? There have been a lot of reports, there’s a lot of research that shows that when you actually study grammar rules it impairs your ability to speak. When you go and speak the English language, you think of these grammar rules - they’re in your head. Instead of trying to automatically speak, you try to remember the grammar rules. So it’s not automatic. And one of the main problems with this is that you cannot speak quickly. You cannot speak easily or automatically either.

Now when you’re writing, it is different, you have plenty of time, you can write slowly, you can go and correct yourself; you can even consult a book or ask a friend what the best way is to write something. But when you’re speaking, you do not have that much time. If someone asks you a question, they want to hear your response immediately and you want to be confident when you talk with them.

So I know many people probably have the same question right now. How is it that a native speaker learns grammar? A native speaker, does not study grammar rules, they begin learning grammar rules when they are in high school, and that is only as a means of helping to better their writing skills.

Thank you for reading Tip #2, stay tuned to read Tip # 3

Gabriel R.

Gabriel (aka Gabe) was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and credentials on Software Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance. When he is not working, he likes to read and watch American movies. He is a passionate English practitioner who spends time making a difference in people's lives teaching English as a second language.