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IxD the "new" trend in user experience and interface.

Grasping the concepts of UI, UX and IxD might provide a better understanding with our coworkers and our clients.

   We had the chance to talk about UX and how it is more parts a science than it is an art, when creating an Experience it is important to research and test, its more like a scientific method than a creative process, but we didn't have the chance to talk about UI and why it is as important as UX.

   As we mentioned in the past UI and UX are two parts of a puzzle, they can work apart but they work a lot stronger when combined, and when we manage to fuse this two important puzzle pieces we have something called IxD or Interface Experience Design. 

So, what is what? you might ask, how do I achieve the expected end result? 

Hold your horses for a minute, first you have to understand, how, what and when.

User Interface or UI

   It's focused on creating the visual experience; how the pages will look, how the buttons work, how the forms look, how the banners slide and the content is consumed. Aka wire-framing, UI is everything from how the content is distributed around the page, to how it looks, keep in mind that UI is not Graphic design, UI may include graphic design, as an example... when someone is creating a wire-frame they are making UI but not graphic design, and creating a guideline may be designing but it is not UI. 

User Experience or UX

It's focused on the user, and how they perceive the product, hence the need to test with real users so we know the experience is on par with what we are trying to do. We can perform interviews, user testing, heat maps, A/N testing and click maps as a way to get the information we want, in both a direct and indirect way with the user (there is a difference between what the user think he needs to what he actually wants and how he uses the product)
Why we need both indirect and direct evaluations?
Well, with the direct evaluations (Interviews and user testing) users will provide information, we will have a better understanding of the user on a personal basis, while the indirect evaluation provides information the user might not be able to share with us, like how much are they reading, where are they clicking, and how often. 

Interaction Experience Design or IxD

It's about finding out the best way to interact with the interface, if the user interacts with a mouse or touchscreen, if the user will use knobs or buttons, if the interface will be animated; IxD is focused on the user and the gadgets and how they work together.

Why is it important to understand the diference UI /UX / IxD?

  If everyone understood what UI, UX and IxD is, and how it works, maybe we will be lucky enough to have a better understanding with our coworkers and our clients.

Raúl S.

Raul has over 6 years of experience on Web Design and Branding, specializing in UI/UX. With a B.A. in Multimedia Design he is part of our skilled group of designers. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico and enjoys video games and tacos as we all do; his posts give insights about new technology as well as great reviews.