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Uploading test cases to ALM via Excel

A quick manual on how to upload test cases to ALM using Excel

Creating test cases on HP Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) sometimes could be frustrating, application may be running slow, it could be under maintenance, or maybe the tester has the test cases on a spread sheet. Luckily we have Excel to save the day, below you can find the steps needed to create and upload test cases into ALM.
1) Go to your ALM application.

2) Click on Help menu on the left panel.

3) Click on Add-ins button:
 4) Click on Microsoft Excel Add-In button.
5) Click on Download Version link, save and install the downloaded file.
6) Open Microsoft Excel, at the top menu click on “HP ALM Upload Add-in”.

7) Click on ALM Login button:

8) Enter ALM address, user, password, domain and project fields. Click on Login.
9) On the spread sheet create the following columns, and take a look at how each test case is identified, on the example below we have two test cases: Test1 and Test2.

Table 1
 Column Subject is the location within Test Plan where the test cases will be placed, the next columns are self explanatory.

10)  Click on Mapping button within HP ALM Upload Add-in menu.
    Select “Tests” as Entity type and create the following mapping:
Table 2
11) Click on Validate button within HP ALM Upload Add-in menu, a process will run and then a confirmation message will be prompted: “The validation has passed”.
12)  Finally Click on Upload to ALM.
After the process runs and confirmation is prompted, go into ALM and look for the test cases under Test Plan section.
This is a very convenient way to create test cases, and maybe you can find it faster than creating them directly on ALM.

Fernando C.

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