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Tips For Excellent English #1

Have you ever wondered if there are different ways to learn English other than textbooks and in normal schools?

Tip #1. Learn Phrases Not Individual Words.

A phrase is a group of words, two or three or more words. Focus on phrases, not on individual words. So you probably learned English with normal textbooks and in normal schools, and you’ve probably studied a lot of individual English words, right? You have your vocabulary list. There would be one word and then there would be the meaning in your language, the translation. That’s not so good. What we really want to do is learn phrases, groups of words, and there are a few reasons for that.

When you learn phrases, you are actually learning a little bit of grammar each time. Grammar really is the way that words go together. It’s how we put words together and which words go together. You don’t need to know about past and present. You don’t need to know about first person, second person, third person, what you do need to do is just know that these words go together. And how do you do that?

The easiest way is you just learn phrases. So when you find a new word, write the whole sentence or write the phrase. And then when you review your vocabulary, you never study just the one word, you always review and try to remember the whole phrase, you learn the meaning of the whole phrase. When you do this, you’re learning a lot of vocabulary, but you’re also learning some grammar. You’re learning it in a more natural way, the way that native speakers learn it. So that’s one of the big benefits of learning phrases instead of individual words. It’s a very natural way to improve your grammar and to learn grammar.

If you study word by word, it’s not natural, when we speak we don’t speak one word by one word, we speak in groups of words, we speak in phrases. And in fact, this is how native speakers learn English. They always learn words in groups, almost never just one. And this is true for little children, too. Little children usually learn groups of words, that’s why they can learn so quickly.

This is the best way to speak faster. When you’re speaking if you think of each individual word by word, your speaking will usually be kind of slow, and it will sound unnatural. The more you study phrases the faster you will speak, and also your speaking will sound more natural to native speakers.  

Thank you for reading Tip #1, stay tuned to read Tip # 2

Gabriel R.

Gabriel (aka Gabe) was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and credentials on Software Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance. When he is not working, he likes to read and watch American movies. He is a passionate English practitioner who spends time making a difference in people's lives teaching English as a second language.