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QA & Testing is no longer just a technical issue, it is a Business issue!

In today’s world, in which digital transformation has increased, the quality of technology solutions has an important impact on the business results. Since an application defect is now translated into a business process failure, it can damage not just the reputation of the company but also the loyalty and profitability.

QA & Testing is no longer just a technical issue, it is a Business issue that every QAT Engineer must have in mind!

Our focus must be the Business outcome; before starting to test and find defects, we need to understand the business challenges and the impact they have on the company to address better the effort invested on the software quality tasks. As well as in every adventure, strategy is the key to provide the right direction and achieve the goal, this is not an exception for QA and Testing, strategy is the most powerful factor on a project’s success.

A good QA and Testing Strategy provides a strategic approach to optimize efforts by implementing defect prevention, while minimizing risks on the business by establishing the right goals, the right processes and the right priorities.

The five secrets to a successful QA and Testing approach are:

1.       Have a vision, a purpose and specific goals : Clearly understand the Business vision, it will help to determine the right direction.  Know the project’s purpose ,  it will guide to take accurate decisions and have specific goals to better manage the effort during the entire project life cycle.

2.       Perform a risk based analysis to identify what are the main business areas and establish with the customer the priority of each requirement in order to prioritize and manage QA and Testing efforts.

3.       Make sure to cover the entire project life cycle to establish the right approach; one of the main focus must be defect prevention and continuous improvement process.

4.       Determine the QA and Testing objectives and coverage fully, include the testing levels and types as well as the entry and exit criteria.

5.       Define the communication strategy, in QA and Testing we act as facilitators to provide visibility on the quality of the products with the aim of bringing the actual results and enable the decisions on time to move towards the business goals.

As you can see it is not just a testing strategy, it is a Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy and the combination of both is a more cost effective solution for the software development projects. Getting full visibility of the processes to develop quality products and validating if they fit with the customer requirements allows having a complete successful strategy aligned with the business goals, and  ensuring the delivery on time with high quality.

Leticia B.

With over 18 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Testing, and a BS in Computer Science, Lety joined IPS as QA director and has worked on several continuous improvement initiatives and trending projects. Born in Puebla MX, she is an avid runner and hiker as well as a music lover.