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Workflows in Sitecore

Workflows used in Sitecore allow users to have an efficient system of the content publishing. Here is an example of how we use them at Inflection Point Systems.

The Sitecore Experience Platform is a useful CMS where collaboration within groups is smooth. In my experience, workflows are very effective in terms of content publishing that has different owners. The first stage is to have the item as a draft, then goes to staging and finally it goes live!

For example,  Inflection Point’s website is targeted not only to new customers, but also for people who would like to work here. So, when the HR department comes up with the job positions available, the workflow does its job by letting the content editor (which is me) know that some update needs to be done in the careers section. The content editor is able to have an update preview and decide if it’s ready or not to be published - if it’s not, it can be “rejected” and have a comment to let HR know why it didn’t go through.

At Inflection Point we also reinforce the use of workflows for our Blog. Bloggers have their articles ready and the digital marketing team focuses on the SEO module and some branding requirements in order to have the article ready to publish.

It is great to interact with other users and be sure that the content that is published has been approved by the correct stakeholders in such an engaging way.

Irasema F.

Born and raised in Guaymas, Sonora; Irasema has 8 years of experience in the marketing field – digital marketing, user experience, branding, content creation, social media. She has a master’s degree in Innovation and International Marketing and has been Inflection Point’s marketing coordinator since 2012.