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Achieve your goals

I would like to share with you some helpful laws that may help you achieve more goals in less time. There are simple and effective laws that could show us the direction from where we currently are, to where we want to go. The laws are:

1. Invest time doing what is “Important” not what is “Urgent

In our lives, urgent  matters are usually the most important, so differentiating it is not always easy. There are too many terms to define the differences between what is URGENT and what is really IMPORTANT. That is why we will define these two types of qualities in order to increase our productivity.

The "urgent" quality is associated with time; that is, it increases as the time to comply with the requirement is less. The “important” quality is associated with the consequences, that is, a task is important only if the consequences we will suffer by not doing it, are serious.

It is common to prioritize activities wrongly on a daily basis, to perform the most urgent tasks instead of important tasks and feel frustrated and unproductive. To avoid falling into this situation there is a simple formula to follow:


Urgency = time consuming task/time left until deadline

The lower value = It is not urgent

The higher value = You must invest more time  


2. Do what you need to do, before doing what you want to do.


Sounds simple and easy, but this law requires self-discipline. Doing what you need to do means doing it  even though you are sick, worn down, even if you don't want to. If you start with your important things first you will find greater joy doing others activities without time pressure.


3. Focus on the process, more than the results


It is difficult to carry out an activity without thinking about the results and benefits that can be generated. Thinking about how achieve your goals faster and done well will be the first step to start finishing more things in less time.


4. Single-task

You might think you are being more productive by coding and taking a video conference call at the same time, but that’s not correct. Multitasking reduces efficiency and the quality of work. When you focus in one thing at a time will let you think the best solution in that moment and prevent future problems or changes.

5. Enjoy what you are doing and don’t overload yourself!

Life is not complicated, we make it complicated. Pile too much in yourself  for a single day even though you love doing your activities is not good for your health. Researchers agree that taking a break  is actually the best way to keep your mind focused. Everyone has a limit. Take short breaks every few hours, after some days you will start feeling better and more productive.

Doing what you really love will make you happy, successful and therefore more productive.

Will save some time to do what you love to do, but first done well your things and you are going to enjoy every free minute doing all your personal things.

Have a nice day and let’s hack  the life!

Cristofer M.

Cristofer was born in Balancán, Tabasco, México. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and certification in Java. When he is not working, he plays basketball, runs, goes to the gym and loves camping on the mountain and visit inusual places.