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The challenging corporate social media


Brands have types and sub types, and we have to consider them when it comes to content creation for social media. Corporate brands are a type, and by experience, I can say those are the most difficult for creating engagement because the information has to be sober, educational and distinctive. You are a Content Specialist, not an expert in chemistry, engineering, supply chain or whatever service your company offers.

Creating content for corporations is challenging in comparison with news media profiles, celebrity profiles, creative agencies or life coaching pages. First we have to spot what service  the corporation offers.  Mars® is not the same as Microsoft®. Both are corporations but they have extremely different  subtypes; one produces candies and the other one produces software. From the subtypes of corporate brands, the most difficult for content creation are the ones that don’t solve basic or emotional needs and which are rather more intellectual (with the exception of newsmedia). 

A practical example would be: we can get more engagement from a brand that produces candies than one that develops video games. Not all people like video games; just a very limited amount of people in a community do like them. But in the case of candies is different, tons of people like them and they enjoy seeing visual material of their favorite chocolate industrial process or sharing delicious recipes.  It is not that the candy brand has a better strategy, it is that naturally much more people are interested in something related to basic needs, emotions and that is visually attractive.

In the case of software development profiles, I recommend you to dive into software and technology articles. Take a free MOOC, subscribe to newsletters, learn the technical language of the service your company offers. Make infographics about the company’s services, gather information of new technology releases, but the most important thing is to consider that your audience needs to feel close to the brand in order for them not to  discard the idea of publishing mundane content once or twice a week:  gifs, memes or motivational content that can be related to the brand. 

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Don’t abuse of wordly content, keep in mind that you are managing a corporate profile which has clients and offers a serious service. Be clever, try to relate your content with what is trending at the moment (being careful not to damage the image of the brand). Not always what it is trendy at the moment is appropriate with the profile you manage. This is very important! Be extremely analytic of the information you choose to post, this way you wont put your company and your job at risk. Use the proper hashtags, write a catchy and short copy and don’t publish more than two posts per day.

If you follow these pieces of advice, you will do a great job with your corporate social media profiles. Remember this Bill Gates’s quote: “Content is King”. 


Susana N.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo León. She's a Social media strategist and content creator. She loves running and painting.