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Sell yourself: How to impress recruiters step by step.


Looking for a job opportunity or a promotion? Need to craft the perfect résumé or dust off your old one? Say no more! Here’s a guide on how to successfully get back on the professional market and not to die trying.







A great résumé needs to include only relevant information about you. The best advice on how to design it? Keep it short and clear. The main topics to include are the following:

  • Personal and contact information

  • Professional goal or objective (tailored to the position you want)

  • Education

  • Work Experience

  • Relevant skills to the job you’re applying for

  • Achievements




There is nothing more appealing than something which is aesthetic. Therefore, to make an eye-catching résumé, it must have an excellent presentation, meaning that the information needs to look organized. One advantage of a well-structured document is that even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you manage to stand out from the crowd by making a great “first impression” with your résumé’s appearance.


In order to accomplish making your résumé a pleasure to read rather than a boring chore for your potential employers, make sure job titles are easily distinguishable. For instance, you can use boldfont for this information. This is going to help put some emphasis on your previous roles.



Potential employers and recruiters tend to judge a CV or résumé within seconds, so make sure you’re being clear and concise when it comes to describing your roles in your past jobs. To do so, use action verbs in the past tense to describe your activities in your former positions and verbs in present if you’re currently employed.


In case you don’t have that much experience or relevant information to share and your CV is showing some gaps, you can express your complete professional potential more thoroughly by including additional projects. Did you volunteer, work abroad, learn another language? Include any of those facts too!  The way I see it, a gap looks suspicious to employers. Try to fill in the gaps with positive things.


Make sure you include your technical skills and how much of experience you have with them. Apart from this, when considering a “Personal Interests”  or “Hobbies” section, display a diverse set of them and that will show your dynamism and culture as a person.


Taking everything into account, by following these steps you increase your chances to nail the improvement of your résumé. However, don’t forget that if you want to keep employers or recruiters interested, you should always keep this important document updated and relevant!

Andrea S.

Cinephile, history buff and meditation enthusiast.