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Dec 17th was a different day at Inflection Point Monterrey. It was 10 AM and some of the employees of our company started to move to their cars to pack them up with all the presents that were accumulated during weeks.
The drive was easy going because on holidays the traffic index goes down on our city. For the Eduardo Claparede school this was also a different day. Very early in the morning the school teachers and the kinder kids were cleaning up the schoolyard, preparing themselves for a special visit, "Santa's helpers". Three weeks ago we received a package with 76 "letters to Santa" written by small kids ranging from 3 to 6 years. All the letters were distributed among our Monterrey location employees. Some of them even took three "letters to Santa". A doll, a ball, a car were some of the items in the lists on those colorful letters. As you can see they were not that pretentious, but they were full of illusion.

Back to dec 17th. "Santa's helpers" arrived. 

"Are you really a Santa's helper?" was the most common question from these little kids with faces full of joy to our ambassadors at that school. Every single kid received a present that surpassed their expectation because in this school, the kids are part of families that may not receive a present at all. 

Santa's helpers left the school with the joy of receiving the children's smiles. They were happy and shared their emotions with the rest of us... A new tradition began at Inflection Point.
Lazaro S.

Lazaro has served as Vice President of Operations of Inflection Point since the company's inception in 2003. He has a Master of Engineering in Information Systems and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is an avid reader, volunteer lecturer and philanthropist and has written some really good posts for our blog.