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Tree of Life - Mexican Heritage

November 20th is a reminder of a milestone in Mexico’s history: The commemoration of “La Revolución Mexicana” (Mexican Revolution). This important date brings back the memories of the struggle and sacrifice that our ancestors did in order to gain our equality. 

For this reason, Inflection Point conceptualized and produced a video called “Árbol de la Vida – Herencia Mexicana” (Tree of Life – Mexican Heritage). The video highlights important values that are part of our Mexican culture. These values were accompanied by drawings of iconic Mexican characters and objects mixed with Inflection Point’s identity.

Do not hesitate and please have a look at it here.

Irasema F.

Born and raised in Guaymas, Sonora; Irasema has 8 years of experience in the marketing field – digital marketing, user experience, branding, content creation, social media. She has a master’s degree in Innovation and International Marketing and has been Inflection Point’s marketing coordinator since 2012.