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Partnership with Coveo

This last week we spent some time in Quebec visiting our partner, Coveo, and met with Coveo's CEO, Louis Tetu.

Louis explained that Coveo is an enterprise search platform that automatically organizes and correlates your company information from multiple data sources to provide actionable insights that improve productivity and business performance.

Coveo has connectors for seamless integration with Sitecore (our CMS partner), as well as Salesforce, and many other data sources.

We are very excited to be working closely with Coveo and look forward to offer this revolutionary enterprise search solution to our clients.

Carlos M.

CEO and Co-founder of Inflection Point, President of the US INSEAD Alumni Association, MBA, and MSEE, Carlos has more than 25 years of professional experience and key leadership positions in engineering, management, business consulting and business development and sales. He enjoys traveling, skiing, art and history and loves dogs. He likes to blog and share his insights  on business and technology.