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Inflection Point's Weekly Project Status tool

On previous days we have released the Weekly Project Status tool 2.0 (WPS 2.0), this tool supports one of our software development processes (SD). The WPS 2.0 will speed up the creation of projects status report within our company. To understand the significance of this new version is important to give a little background on what my process area has been developing in recent months.

The methodological diversity existing in the software development is well known, it helps us to structure, plan, control and improve product quality. Because of this wide variety of methodologies and the peculiar nature of each project, the processes and methodology area of Inflection Point have put emphasis on pursuit of continuous improvement of our  SD  processes and customer service adapting these methodologies to a own framework.

The Standard Software Development Process of Inflection Point (SSDP of IP) fits using methodologies such as CxOne and Six Sigma, simplifying operation and project management in a way that will allow us to respond quickly to our customers without sacrificing quality into the development of our products and services. On one hand  CxOne methodology contributes to the implementation of best practices in the Key Processes Areas (KPA), while Six Sigma tools on the other support the design, standardization and continuous improvement of our processes.

Progress Meeting process is of SSDP of IP. This process integrates a set of processes that are classified as 'process support', it allows us to monitor and display the health status of our projects throughout the SD cycle. Progress Meeting process sets activities and controls those measure development projects. The controls are software tools which have been specially developed for the execution of our processes. Construction of such tools has allowed us to experience the implementation of prototypes and now these are valuable tools that support the execution of our processes.

The Weekly Project Status or WPS is one of the backbones in Progress Meeting process execution. After several months of work and proof of concept applied in some of the projects developed here, we release this second review of the process which includes the use of this new tool WPS 2.0.

The wide visibility that provides the inclusion of WPS 2.0 allows not only the technical leader gathering information about the current state of the project, but also maintains communication between project managers and top management. With this tool it is possible to obtain metrics and information that supports the decision-making process, risk prevention and provide timely solutions for the demands of our customers.

It is worth mentioning that the WPS 2.0 arises as a consequence of a series of tools design that supports our framework model the SSDP of IP, just like the Engineering Dashboard, Project Dashboard, Weekly Status Report, etc. The vision of this effort clusters this set of tools in an integrated system that not only helps us to implement best practices on the SD, documentation or make knowledge transfer, but also supports us in measuring, monitoring and improving the quality of our product development and therefore our customer service.

Lyzett U.

Lyzett comes from Jojutla, Morelos and studied MSc Systems Engineering. She has been working for Inflection Point for more than 10 years. She has a lot of experience in Operations research, Process & Data Analyst and Information Security Management Systems (ISO27001). She loves hiking, running and photography. Her posts include some really cool pieces of advice.