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UX Mission archives: Notigape

Life has it's incredible challenges and suddenly, the amazing opportunity to show your ideas to the world presents itself in the form of the re-design of an app, a news app that a regional digital news broadcaster (and also radio station) trusted us to design and develop (as in, improve the user experience).

The mission:
To successfully re-design Notigape news app for iOS (iPhone and iPad).
The stage:
Inflection Point offices and the World Wide Web. 

And so the mission begins....


Being the first project of its kind, fully managed by the marketing and design team, we had a long way to run. We were over-loaded with the knowledge that the World Wide Web provided us, iOS7 had just been released a few months before and we had a lot of adaptation to do. Researchers were sent to every corner of the planet (actually it was more like us visiting a lot of competitors to analyze them) and the results were in.

The Battle Plan:

We presented the strategy to the client, whom was pleased by the research; the next thing to do was to sketch up the app, that is the creation of the mock ups*. At this point, you might think that going right into battle (that is, designing the GUI) was the way to go! But if we had followed that path we would have crashed against the wall of confused users and probably would end in the lands of “nowhere” so, no, it was time of the...

*The mock ups are a wire-framed version of the probable final UI, no colors, just placement and behavior.

UX Testing:

The marketing leader and I were brave and chose wisely 4 brave engineers to take the usability test. Questions were asked, suggestions were given, oh! It was almost a massacre but in the end, we learned a lot and it was time to throw away the first design and re-plan the strategy. I thought about it and researched, drew and then researched even more. Finally I presented the new mock ups to the engineers, the goddess of victory smiled at me this time and the path to UI was cleared. 

The UI:

Since the client already had its corporate colors, the discussion for a color palette was out of the question. We had to create wonders with blue and wonders were created. The challenge in the application was that we were supposed to make it appealing for all kinds of audience, to accent the radio option but to keep the importance of the news and we couldn't keep aside the fact that ads needed to be present.

A main page was created to address all these issues and the interface grew richer and friendlier. It even tells you the local weather and the border bridge wait times! This all was important for the costumer because the main targets of the radio station were located close to the border (did I mention that the app also has a TV streaming option?). 

Mission Complete:

In the end we finished on time, delivered on time and we got a very happy costumer. It was a very complete challenge in every sense and we learned a lot of do's and don’ts in the way that have helped us in time to improve our work developing apps to our clients.  If I had to do it again I would do it better but it's because my mind set always looks for improvement everywhere (That is your typical Uxer).

Until the next challenge, brave creative minds of the web!.

Mirna R.

A graphic designer with UI/UX experience, Mirna has a lot to say about this.