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Our brand new website

Today we proudly present Inflection Point's brand new website. This initiative is of tremendous importance since it showcases the culture and capabilities of Inflection Point Systems.

This new website is not only about app development, security solutions or web & mobile; but also about design and user experience. Our UI/UX and development team focused on building a “fresher” website and show everyone our work environment and our people. When a user visits this site they will feel that it is alive; they can relate to the company.

Another key objective was to show the user some of the projects that we have developed for our clients. This will give them a glimpse of the amazing projects we are working on at Inflection Point.

This new website is in its first phase and there is more yet to come; but we feel really proud of our team and our culture and that’s something we want the world to know. Stay tuned for more.

Inflection Point: Experts crafting tech solutions for your business.

Carlos M.

CEO and Co-founder of Inflection Point, President of the US INSEAD Alumni Association, MBA, and MSEE, Carlos has more than 25 years of professional experience and key leadership positions in engineering, management, business consulting and business development and sales. He enjoys traveling, skiing, art and history and loves dogs. He likes to blog and share his insights  on business and technology.