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Li-Fi Light becomes data

A new and very promising technology that might be the end of Wi-Fi.

I read about this a while ago and it’s worth to know about it, many of us have struggled with our Wi-Fi signal (stupid signal), when you have great signal it can go through walls and can be intercepted and hacked, and how a weak signal won’t pass through and will end up with no wi-fi signal at all, AAAAAHHH the horror.

But since communication is nowadays as basic as water, efforts have been made to find better ways of transmission, and yet again of course, the light spectrum has given us the answer, but “How you like to create expectation” you might say and you’ll be right, and perhaps at this point you’ll be wandering: Li-Fi, what’s that? S:, we’ll it's just data transmission via LIGHT, more secure, more stable, with more signal intensity.

Li-Fi What is it?

Li-Fi has the advantage of being useful in electromagnetic sensitive areas such as in aircraft cabins, hospitals and nuclear power plants without causing electromagnetic interference. Both Wi-Fi and Li-Fi transmit data over the electromagnetic spectrum, but whereas Wi-Fi utilises radio waves, Li-Fi uses visible light. While the US Federal Communications Commission has warned of a potential spectrum crisis because Wi-Fi is close to full capacity, Li-Fi has almost no limitations on capacity. The visible light spectrum is 10,000 times larger than the entire radio frequency spectrum. Researchers have reached data rates of over 10 Gbit/s, which is more than 250 times faster than superfast broadband. Li-Fi is expected to be ten times cheaper than Wi-Fi. unfortunately not all is good news, short range, low reliability and high installation costs are the potential downsides.

This greener data transmission format won’t be available soon for public consumption but its applications are vast, one can only hope to see it soon.

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