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The Foundations of a Great Place to Work

Sometimes, when people find out that Inflection Point is in the top 50 GPTW in Latin America, they often ask: what the “recipe” is?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. For me, the key to be a GPTW is: The values.

Being part of the HR team allows you to see a person through all stages, starting from recruitment and induction. You can see how a lot of people that came from very different backgrounds (companies, organizational cultures, and even different countries) start this new professional and personal path on IPS, with the idea to be part of the cultural environment, to be part of the team, to respect others, to experience balance, among others practices that make of IPS what we are. The typical person that always stayed late at work (for no real reason) now has time to go out with friends for some hiking… the one that once tried to learn about other technology, but was “shy” to ask a coworker from another project, now is sharing that and other info on a Social Friday (a weekly event at IPS).

In conclusion, I think, the values transcend to be the flag of the collective way to be in IPS, they drag you to the culture and day by day make you part of a big family, and you suddenly become part of a Great Place to Work without noticing.

Laura G.

With 11 years of experience in Human Resources and a BS in Organizational Psychology, Lau joined us a HR Coordinator and has led lots of new initiatives and projects within the company. She loves her family and is a great puzzle solver and embroider!