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Robotics & Teamwork

When I asked one of the teams participating what had they learned from the competition after being ranked into the last places of the robotics regional tournament, they answered they had learned that they had to work as a team.

When I went to college (being the same age as these guys), most of the times I had the feeling that it was better to do the job alone rather than waiting for my team-mates to start working. I also wondered why was it so important to work as teams if knowledge was the most important thing you could acquire during these years; it took me years to understand the importance of teamwork.

Whoever makes the decision to work on a team learns to know oneself and develops negotiation abilities, tolerance and frustration management, which after a while evolves into achieving bigger objectives and fulfillment for the many, therefore sharing such satisfaction. This robotics team from the Roborregos club has to learn, after the painful experience of being ranked into the bottom, that they need to collaborate more, trust their partners more and give more. Whoever works in a team must know how to listen to others, be generous, sometimes defend the indefensible and every now and then let go even when you are right all to achieve harmony and focus into the same objective. This team knows they only have two weeks left to overcome defeat and try to give all they have to rank among the first places of their category on the national competition and thus represent our country on the international Robo Cup 2016 at Leipzig, Germany. 

We wish the three Roborregos representative teams all the best; two are competing for the Rescue Maze category and the other one for Soccer, which I would like to congratulate for their first place on the regional contest.

Lazaro S.

Lazaro has served as Vice President of Operations of Inflection Point since the company's inception in 2003. He has a Master of Engineering in Information Systems and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is an avid reader, volunteer lecturer and philanthropist and has written some really good posts for our blog.