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An ode to working moms

Today, we are celebrating Mother’s Day, and it’s a great excuse to share a brief personal experience on being a working one.

Before being a mom, I was the ultimate competitive hard-worker with no limits on the clock to peruse company’s goals and give results.  I was convinced that it was the best way to make a change, and to be -the best- that you can be.

Later on, when children came, and my time was not mine anymore, I realized that I didn’t see the big picture back then. Since they were born, I’ve been through a process of re-learning and after experiencing the world through my daughter and son’s eyes… a new way of thinking surfaced:  yes, be a hard worker… but contribute through our family, to be and have a healthier community.

But not everything is laughter and smiles. There are also times when that noisy and annoying mosquito called “guilt” appears, and it urges you to question if should be more time with your kids, or if you should take that business call in the afternoon, or the so many times you are fighting with the clock to arrive on-time to your children’s school, office meetings or make it to festivals when there’s an important event at work, the list just keeps going.

It’s not an easy task to maintain balance.

Certainly, there are better days than others, but when things are getting a little too difficult, I often think in a sort of mantra (that I got from a mom’s community blog by the way) that reads like this: “You work to better the lives of your children by being able to provide for them. You work to be a great role model for your daughter who believes that she can become whoever she wants to be. You work to empower yourself and be your best you! Now get out there and DO IT proud working mom!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Laura G.

With 11 years of experience in Human Resources and a BS in Organizational Psychology, Lau joined us a HR Coordinator and has led lots of new initiatives and projects within the company. She loves her family and is a great puzzle solver and embroider!