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MenTe en Accion México's first generation

Over the past months Inflection Point has sponsored and supported MenTe en Acción Mexico, a social development program from Red Mente, created by the NGO Ideas en Accion in 2014. For the first time in Mexico a group of young woman has graduated from the program.

27 women graduated from Mente en Acción Mexico project last October 29th. This project empowers woman who want to fall into the science and technology industry where they are still a minority. According to Forbes, only 25% of professional tech jobs are taken by women while they comprise 47% of US workforce; Mexico's records are even lower, with only 10% female tech workers, as stated by El Financiero.

After eight weeks of creating, studying and learning, participants developed 6 different applications meant to be useful for the community.

The two most creative, useful and social-impact projects were awarded at the event.
"i community" was recognized as the second best project; their app will allow citizens to report bumps, lost dogs, robberies or any important information that may need attention from the community. This might help local governments create better life conditions for the population and a sense of progress among citizens.

The first place was awarded to "AddictLess", an application that endorses people wanting to quit smoking or drinking providing them information of how their health is improving every day or week. This app could be tailored to measure different substances in the body that could damage the user's health.

Relatives of the first Mentes en Acción Mexico graduates met at Sala mayor de Rectoría of Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey to witness this historic event hoping they now have more tools and opportunities to succeed in the IT industry.

Inflection Point Systems is very honored to participate in this project to improve the industry, but above all, creates better work conditions and contributes to a more egalitarian work culture.