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Millennials are changing Leadership

Millennials and their culture are shaping the way business are carried out.

   How can we describe a Millennial?, after reading several definitions I can define Millennials as  the first generation born into the digital world - specially the internet and social media - globalization and economic disruption. They prefer access not ownership; they think not caring is cool, and also, they expect quick and easy results.

   So, for traditional companies, Millennials are not the best option to hire, why? Well, traditional corporations are looking for people engaged to the company, people who are comfortable just by having a job and getting a good salary; people who will not challenge their bosses and who will not demand anything but a spot where they can perform their duties without being troubled.

   But our world is suffering radical change and so are these organizations, thus having to adapt their systems and structures in order to be compatible with new generations. Therefore, Millennials own the power to change systems, processes , and everything else.

 For this reason, corporations are providing Millennials all that they are looking for: skill development, career advancement, feedback, healthy working environment and above all recognition from superiors.

   Now, companies are looking for a new kind of leaders and Millennials posses certain skills that may fit into this definition:

  • They think about their own capabilities; they are very confident, a critical skill to become a leader.
  • They demand  direct input.
  • They are looking for creative challenges, so, they are not only interested on reaching the goal, they worry about how it looks like.
  • They demand immediate feedback and instant autonomy, another essential skill to become a good leader.

   Taking into account these views, Millennials are causing huge and radical changes in the labor market and businesses are creating leadership job positions that can adapt to Millennial’s skills.

   Finally, the most important ability Millennials have and makes them unique is the fact that they do not need their elders to provide information, they simply need an electronic device and an internet connection to obtain the world’s knowledge; they are able to lead anything they want with just one click.

Hadwin Z.

A B.S. in Communication and Electronic Engineering, Lead Scrum Master - Sr. Business Analyst at Inflection Point Systems, and more than 10 years of experience in several areas, Hadwin is a great part of our team . He loves reading, music, and soccer; he comes from Mexico city and has been living in Monterrey for the past 16 years. Make sure to read what’s on his mind!