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Best Working Mother Mexico

We are among the top 5 Best Working Mother companies in Mexico due to our working culture and scope towards mothers who work.

   According to Forbes Magazine, Inflection Point Systems was ranked among the top 5 “Best Working Mother Mexico” award, but what does it mean for us and how we live it on the every-day life?

  First I want to start with some facts about Working Mothers in Mexico:  According to INEGI 2016 survey, 44% of woman with at least one child are currently working. At Inflection Point, woman represent 23% of our workforce and 30.3% of them are working mothers.

   How companies handle a working mother definitely impacts directly into their families, and of course the community. At Inflection Point, one of our favorite values and one we guard and live the most is Balance, and this value, in particular, becomes a powerful ally for our working mothers sector.

   As a working mother, to be able to fulfill your professional goals, provide to your family, and be present in your children’s life is not an easy task; however, having a flexible work schedule, working-from-home days available, being able to make it to the school festival, and such, this almost “utopic” Balance is possible. Among the top-notch winners of this award, 75% of the companies have a flex-time program, 55% have capabilities to allow working remotely. (Mamá y Trabajo, 2016)

   You might be surprised, but as it turns out Best Working Mother Mexico certification is not only intended for woman; dads who are present in their family, also benefit their working spouse. The top ten companies in Best Working Mother 2016 Award offer at least 6 weeks paid maternity leave, and 65% offer paid paternity leave (Mamá y Trabajo, 2016). Inflection Point Systems’ Balance policies also apply to them, so both men and woman can equally be part of their children’s lives, to have a better quality of life and to help raise a better and healthier community. 

   Another surprising fact is that according to a Sintec ® survey, companies investing in their human force, specifically in programs of well-being for their employees of show  4.5% less turnover that those without these programs.  (Diana Bustani, 2014)

   At Inflection Point we are convinced that appreciating working mothers’ talent in Mexico is the key for a successful company, a better community, and a better future. 

Laura G.

With 11 years of experience in Human Resources and a BS in Organizational Psychology, Lau joined us a HR Coordinator and has led lots of new initiatives and projects within the company. She loves her family and is a great puzzle solver and embroider!