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Inflection Point 14th Anniversary

Fourteen years ago, 5 friends started a company with very well defined objectives and ambitions, today it's leading the IT industry: Inflection Point Systems.

It all began with Ramiro Castillo, Gerardo González, Gerardo Montemayor, Lázaro Salinas and Carlos Montemayor; these five friends had the intention to create a company where team members were treated as humans, not just numbers on the payroll, and where partners grew with the enterprise while adding value for both clients and workers.

"Since the beginning, we wanted to grow in a sustainable way with strategic clients"  

- Carlos Montemayor, Inflection Point Systems' CEO.

That idea of business growth was tough during the first two years of the company when there were many challenges and sometimes even founders were making sacrifices in order to meet the payroll.
But that kind of struggle wouldn't last long because, by the third year, partnerships with strategic clients came through. That made the company grow exponentially and needed to find bigger headquarters.

14th anniversary

"For us, our employees are very important. Because of them, we have got excellent results.[...] As CEO of the company, I have learned that trust towards our collaborators is essential. They are highly talented on what they do"

- Carlos Montemayor, Inflection Point Systems' CEO.

By 2010, our team members focus was yielding results when Inflection Point was ranked as the 10th best place to work in México by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Our culture is much more than having ping-pong tables, video games, social Fridays, flexible hours and even nap rooms. Inflection Point is a special company with a unique set of values such as respect, camaraderie, teamwork, growth and balance; these values are practiced by everyone from the top leadership to the rest of the organization and creates a contrast with other workplaces. By sticking to our values and listening to our employees and stakeholders using our fair process methodology, we have built a work environment with high levels of engagement of our employees and have been awarded a great place to work in multiple categories by the Great Place to Work Institute six years in a row.

"Every partnership has posed great challenges"

- Carlos Montemayor, Inflection Point Systems' CEO.

With more than 86 clients through the years, Inflection Point Systems has provided solutions to companies across multiple verticals such as financial, healthcare, education and security industries among others. Our team has worked on solutions for myriad businesses around the world including smart cities/IoT, digital platforms, enterprise platforms, mobile apps and Cloud solutions among many others.

"I want to point out that the main reason for our success is our culture and our employees. Through their excellent work for our clients, we have been able to make an impact."

- Carlos Montemayor, Inflection Point Systems' CEO.