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Effective communication in the workplace

Do you ever feel like you're being left on seen? ✔️✔️ 


In this blog post, we will talk about communication within the office, how we can improve it, what we can do to read and respond to emails effectively, how to create a more productive work environment and above all how to pay attention to our colleagues. At the end of the day, they are the ones we share most of the time with. 🙂

It is extremely important that leaders promote effective communication. As an old Chinese proverb would say: "It's not what you say, but how you say it." Communication is what sets an exceptional leader apart, and when used effectively, promotes a better work environment. 💮


Here we have some of our best pieces of advice to make communication your best ally:


1. Face-to-face meetings.

It is easy to communicate how we feel through a meeting. In these spaces, we have not only the opportunity to hear what the other person is saying but to debate or share a point of view. It is one of the most efficient ways to contribute to team members. 


2. Mail.

The official channel of communication in any corporation is the mail and therefore it is advisable to have our notifications active and try to respond to every mail we receive. Don't forget that behind the screen is someone who took the time to reply to you. Always remember that a "Thank You" in the foot of the mail could make a difference.


Photo by Gleen Carstens Peters


3. Listen.

Communication is a two-way road. Every team member has something good to contribute and listening is always a good idea. Let's encourage others to open up and to listen actively.


4. Create an atmosphere of harmony.

In order to communicate effectively with our office colleagues, we need to create a receptive atmosphere. It avoids tension at all costs because when we express ourselves in a tense way, the message that the other person receives may be perceived with a negative connotation. 


5. Be thankful.

After each communication session always remember to thank your colleagues for their time. It won't cost you anything and it's a simple courtesy. The goal of teamwork is to share ideas and boost productivity. When communication is hampered, it can divert all effort.


Working hard on these communication tactics and creating ground rules to keep everyone up to date will avoid future confusion and thus we will all achieve as a team the successful completion of projects. At Inflection Point we believe in the culture of effective communication and we work so that our collaborators feel confident to share it with their co-workers. Which of the tips have you already put into practice?

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