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Sitecore’s mid 2019 product update

Sitecore just announced their mid-year product update this July 22, 2019 which features some upgrades and a few new releases mostly focused on giving marketers and developers a unified platform to own the entire content lifecycle.


These are the key features:


  • Sitecore XP 9.2 release: Introduces Sitecore’s first integration with Sitecore Content Hub™ and includes Sitecore’s machine-learning services with Sitecore Cortex as well as no-compromise headless with Sitecore Omni. This update also introduces Rainbow serialization and standardizes search processes on Solr.

  • Sitecore Content Hub 3.2 update: It now includes full integration with Sitecore Digital Asset Management and Sitecore XP. A newly added intuitive interface, Adobe’s InDesign integration, giving designers the capability to pull content directly from Sitecore CMS and Predefined content models.

  • New Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP): This is a new and standalone product to help you focus on the content, fully integrated with Sitecore XP, providing end-to-end content lifecycle control.

  • Sitecore Managed Cloud: Sitecore on the cloud, why not? With the new offerings of Sitecore powered by Azure you get the option to leave the infrastructure to the experts with solutions that offer cost, convenience, scalability, and security compliance suitable for enterprises as well as smaller organizations.

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