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My very first experience with Sitecore

If you want to know Sitecore for the first time, be prepared to be a close friend of the Powershell, Stackoverflow and the Sitecore Community. Coming from a background where the only technologies related to web development are JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP, it’s not too common to hear about a technology like Sitecore, and first impressions may be tough. Have you ever heard the famous phrase of Thomas Alva Edison I have not failed 999 times. I have simply found 999 ways how not to create a light bulb”? Well, that was more or less the same way I felt while learning Sitecore.


Picture by Anthony Indraus


As a recent graduate, I joined the company in November 2018, and I remember hearing some of my coworkers talking about something called Sitecore, but I wasn't sure about what it was, so I limited myself to only hearing and not making any questions. Even though I wasn’t conscious about it at that time, I was going to cross ways with Sitecore very soon. 


It was March and I was invited to a meeting for a Sitecore Training, where the main point was that the company wanted me and other coworkers to take an introduction course about Sitecore. I enrolled to it and it took place during a whole week. One thing that you might be aware as a Junior Developer is that, everything seems to work so smoothly when someone else is explaining to you, but at the moment of doing it yourself, everything fails so easily.


After I took the Sitecore introduction course, I started some other courses on my own because of a project in which I’m related at the moment. And that was when the real struggle started. It’s not that Sitecore is not a good technology, I really like it, the problem is that when you are trying to install it, if you don’t have all the prerequisites, the installation will fail. Some of the most common problems that I had were with things like certificates of security, the version of .NET Framework, turning Windows features on or off and some others. At the beginning, solving one problem and getting another completely different one was very confusing, but with time and the correct help I’m very confident about myself.


Thanks to my mentors (Mario Gallardo and Dorian Garcia), my first steps at Sitecore were easier than if I had done it on my own, and with the experience that I have gained and theirs, here are some recommendations that I would like to make you:

  • Every problem you could have, Google it. There are a lot of resources like Stackoverflow and Sitecore Community.

  • Be sure to have a knowledge in Windows Powershell.

  • Apart from the resources I already mention, in Youtube you could search for a more visual help.

  • In a document, try to save the problems you had and the solutions you give, so that in future times you don’t spend more time searching again.

  • Be patient, every new thing you learn needs your patience.


I really hope that you enjoy Sitecore as much as I’m doing it right now and be ready to be part of a great community of developers that are doing very interesting things. Feel free to ask me if you had any doubts or any questions and I will be glad to help you. May the force be with you!

Gerardo G.

Tech lover and a huge fan of Science Fiction movies. He loves to hear music, a devoted fan of The Beatles and Soda Stereo, and a casual guitar player.