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My career or how to survive LMAD

The Degree in Multimedia and Digital Animation or LMAD (its acronym in Spanish) is currently in UANL with a focus on game development and animation, but you also get some programming knowledge before graduating.

LMAD is a new type of degree where you can mix art and programming to develop a video game. In 2009, Monterrey only had two options to study: LAD or LMAD, and I chose the latter because of the focus in programming and because it was more affordable. On this blog, I would like to give some advice to people interested in this kind of career and tell them how my experience was.


So, what is LMAD?

LMAD is one of the new degrees of this type that tries to complement programming knowledge with a hands-on approach to something, in this case, multimedia. I’m a person who likes computers but really bad at drawing so I thought that it was a good choice.


Right now LMAD has 2 types of curriculums that students can follow:

2009 (Spanish)

2017 (Spanish)


Seeing it now, it has fewer subjects than the first curriculum, but they finally teach you the programming subjects in the latest semesters and not as early as they used to. I entered LMAD and when I was confronted with programming I was crashing to the wall until they taught me Object-Oriented Programming, which was how I started to grasp this programming thing.


When I was in LMAD, there were many engineering subjects, I remember a subject called Digital Circuits was one of the “Nightmare Subjects”; it was so difficult that almost all of the students who didn’t have any engineering background would fail it at the end of the semester. It was a first-semester subject. Now I see that almost all of the engineering ones are optional or they are not existent in the new curriculum.


I would recommend to the people interested in this career to be mentally prepared to get used to programming because it would follow them through all of their paths. Later on, you will/could study more art subjects (drawing, 3D modeling, animation, etc).


At the end of the career, I learned C++, C#, Java, SQL, MySQL, Android, Maya, 3ds Max, and XNA Framework. Nowadays, I heard that the new students are learning to use Unity and Unreal Engine. That’s great if you are interested in game development.


In conclusion, LMAD is a good multimedia development degree. Keep in mind that you won’t be a master at something, you would graduate as more of a jack-of-all-trades, so if you want to specialize in web development, mobile development, animation or game development, I can’t stress this enough, SEARCH for more information, be it on the internet, on technical schools, topics or things that can help you bring closer to the things that you like.

Hernan F.

A gamer since kindergarten & Japanophile since his junior high days. A software engineer by day, game developer by night.