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Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

Being part of the amazing Inflection Point team involves getting the proper training as it is always an important subject to empower teams and individuals with actionable knowledge to strengthen our team growth, our delivery capacity, and the value-added to our customers.


The adoption of Agile has been a wonderful journey and taking the Management 3.0 workshop is just part of it, like the icing on the cake! The past November 25th and 26th, we had a great time on this course where we got practical tools, techniques, games, etc. that we could put in practice right away to promote a more disruptive mindset, foster experimentation, coach our teams through agile leadership, and continue shifting our world to increase agility!


They say that you need to know History in order to avoid repeating it right? Well, this course took us from the traditional management models and why they existed, to the Agile contemporary leadership and coaching models and why you no longer need to ‘manage’ people… The modern approach is to manage ‘the system’!


Aiming to bring back the fun and happiness to the workspace as part of recognizing both as important elements for a successful (and fulfilling) results-oriented environment, Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0 provides a ton of valuable insights on relevant topics through his six-views management model (represented by the six-eyed management monster Martie!):


  • Energize People - Motivation and Engagement

  • Empower Teams - Delegation and Empowerment

  • Align Constraints - Values and Culture

  • Develop Competencies - Learning and Competencies

  • Grow Structure - Scaling Organizational Structure

  • Improve Everything - Success and Failure


Martie from Management 3.0



From this perspective, organizations are seen as complex adaptive systems, which lead to two things: 1) awareness of the context we are playing in (the Cynefin framework comes useful here) and 2) guidelines supported by games, tools, activities to navigate from where we are to a better harbor. 


The top 3 practices that picked my attention from the ones we exercised were the following:


  • Delegation Poker / Board. A powerful combo for aligning expectations, and promoting ownership and empowerment in a very transparent way.

  • Kudo Cards and Moving Motivators. Simple and useful for engaging your teammates through recognition and through identifying their intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in order to act on that knowledge.

  • Meddlers game. Promotes disruptive and out-of-the-box thinking; this playful way to rethink organization structures opens up a conversation to be creative on adapting established models!

Kudo / Moving Motivators / Delegation Poker cards and Meddlers game materials.

From top to bottom: 

Kudo / Moving Motivators / Delegation Poker cards and Meddlers game materials. 


There is a lot more to say about what was covered there, but for now, we leave you with this: the next couple of days after taking the course we were already applying some of what we learned, making small adjustments to planned events, and it was worth it! - what did we use? how did we do it? which were the outcomes gotten? Let’s continue that conversation on another post!


The globe is moving to models where we can rapidly adapt to change, deal with uncertainty and all in all, this entails a deep cultural change that involves a mindset reset, and demands everyone in the boat rowing in the same direction - the course just delivered a happier more practical way to this!

Leonor M.

Passionate about singing and personal growth, Leonor comes from a nice Sinaloense family and moved to Monterrey years ago. With a BS in Computer Sciences, she has 18 years of experience in Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Product Management, and Agility. Nowadays she holds a brilliant career at Inflection Point, became an Agile Transformation evangelist, and is invested in the overall evolution of the BA role.