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Product BA Team Event 2019

For the first time, we celebrated our Inflection Point Product BA Team Event, which took place a couple of days ago at the company's premises.

Product BA Team was a special event held for members of the BA department. During the event, Inflection Point’s team learned a little more about the vision of the area, the roles, the steps to follow for the next year, and there were team integration and collaboration activities, as well as the delivery of recognitions to our most valuable members.


The event started with a short ice-breaker held by Analucia Montemayor, to smooth the path. Our attendees had the opportunity to interact with their respective teams and get to know each other a little better. The next activity, given by Leonor Miranda, was a talk in which the vision of the area, the roles of the team and future plans for 2020 were discussed.


Product BA Team


After a knowledge-filled morning, our team enjoyed a Lunch & Learn session. We were able to learn about the Agile method in a round table; cue cards were put on the table and the discussion became interesting. After this activity, our team members stood in the dining room of the company to continue with different team-building activities: “Construction at a distance” brought the members together in different teams; they had to work hand in hand to recreate a figure built with Legos equal to that of the opposing team. Effective communication was achieved in this activity.


The second and final activity of the day dealt with negotiation, argumentation and a bit of persuasion. “The village and the wolf” is a game in which different qualities to be able to "discover the wolf of the team" were used, within this activity our members met in a round table, where each one had a different role: villager, oracle and a wolf; only they could know what role they had. Through observation, persuasion, and teamwork, members discovered the "intruder" among them. This activity reinforced trust among our peers and is a source of fun for them.


Product BA Team


At the end of our Product BA Team event, we had an award ceremony for our most valuable team members. A diploma along with an engraved badge was presented to Oscar Torres, Diana Rodriguez, Carolina Cansino, and Karla Suarez - thank you very much for being an important and valuable part of Inflection Point! 


This kind of event helps us bond with our teams and prepare for all the opportunities the Agile and Product BA world has for us in the future - we look forward to seeing you at our next event and thank everyone who makes it possible for this event to become a reality!


About Inflection Point

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