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Whirlpool Wonder Woman Symposium

The 8th #WhirlpoolWonderWoman Symposium happened a week ago and our Process and Information Security Lead, Karla Loza, had the opportunity to attend. This women-led event happens every year and its goal is to encourage and empower the female role in the work environment, balancing it with personal life.

With a day full of activities, different guests and speakers, industry leaders shared their stories to connect with the audience, making them feel proud and part of the network of women Whirlpool has built over the years. The U.S. company has different network groups that are divided into four categories: Whirlpool Women -the network that hosts this event-, Young Professionals Network, Green Network, and Pride. The women's network has allowed a large group of ladies to continue collaborating with the company, as it is estimated that around 45 percent of Whirlpool's staff in Mexico are female, and many of them occupy leadership positions within the company.


Among the lecturers, we can mention Denise Carranza, Eduardo Bustillos, Dr. Patricia Núñez, Ernesto D'Alessio, and Ginnie Dorado, who was Culture Manager at Grupo FEMSA for 16 years and who shared with us her talk "You’re an offer, or you’re on sale”. (Eres oferta o te pones en oferta.)


Whirlpool Wonder Woman


"I really liked Ginnie Dorado's talk. I was really impressed with personal brand and how it indicates what they say about us when we are not present”, Says our Information and Security Lead, Karla Loza, "I'm relying on our personal brand not just to be for ourselves but for others”.


This talk was complemented by several points. There has to be an alignment in the Life and Career Plan as well as effectiveness in strategic relationships. It is not only a matter of having an executive image but also of transmitting it through a leadership style so that you can negotiate or sell your ideas and have quality in your conversations.


Our team member, Karla, shared with us how Dorado, through her talk, gave her a new perspective: "It is important to give the same value to all the domains of our life, that is to say, our personal goals, our affectionate life, our work environment, health, family and finances. Everything must be balanced". 


We are confident that this talk, as well as the Symposium, is of great value to Karla and will be fundamental to the development of her area within Inflection Point, where we ensure that we have an exceptional balance of our work and personal life. 


Whirlpool Wonder Woman


Thanks to Alma Molina, Purchasing Analyst from Whirlpool Corporation for inviting our outstanding leader Karla to their symposium!

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