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Carlos Montemayor at the INSEAD Forum

What does it take to lead today? That was the question that led the INSEAD Alumni Forum Europe for students that was held in Geneva, Switzerland on June 14 and 15 of this year, where our CEO Carlos Montemayor had the privilege to participate. 

INSEAD is the leading and largest business school in the world with presence in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Its entrepreneurial and research education extends around the globe ensuring that its students graduate not only with a high degree of excellence but also with a high level of values.


Carlos Montemayor at the INSEADforum in Geneva


The challenge of leadership has never been more significant; on the one hand there are leaders who are facing situations that demand social and environmental responsibility from their companies and on the other hand there is the need to meet the demand of investors with a financial return, which has made leadership a growing challenge with the widespread transformation of business and society. The INSEAD forum, which has become a tradition and takes place twice a year in different locations around the world, considered global leaders to open the debate on this issue, how they can meet these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this unique moment by answering the following questions: What is needed to build businesses that not only deliver economic results, but also contribute to social and environmental progress? How do you lead your people in a way that inspires them, fosters the right mindset and instills values that balance the company's economic mission and broader social goals? All focused on what it means to be a leader today.

Carlos Montemayor at the INSEADforum


Our CEO Carlos Montemayor participated in these panels at the forum, alongside Jean-Claude Biver, non-executive Chairman of LVMH group, Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO of Gulf International Bank and Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich. “Leading with Purpose” was the theme for the Alumni Forum Europe 2019. The two days of informative and inspiring discussion on leading with a purpose make us feel highly motivated on supporting the three pillars of today’s leadership: the head to deliver performance, the heart to guide with purpose & the audacity to drive transformation.

At Inflection Point we feel very proud of this event and we are ready to take action, following and transforming the paths of leadership. 

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