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#SitecoreSYM 2019 at Orlando, Florida.

One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Sitecore Symposium, held at Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts in Orlando, Florida this 2019. 

Sitecore Symposium 2019

This great event has a duration of two days full of education, where tool experts meet: marketers, customers, sponsors, and students, who through talks, workshops and meetings connect and share their experiences. The mission of the symposium is to discover how to create human connections in the digital age by learning from new products and updates of existing ones. Attendance also helps to get a glimpse of the Sitecore roadmap, listening to real cases from expert speakers, innovative thought leaders and representatives of international brands. 


Sitecore Symposium 2019


This year, the question posed at the beginning of the Symposium was: "How can brands thrive in a world where everyone wants to feel like a preferred customer?" In this way, the path explored by the event helped us to delve into the strategies and tactics that brands use to deliver the best experience to each of their customers all day, every day.


Our team members, Irasema, Ramiro and Eduardo had the opportunity to attend the event of the year, where they learned about ways to unite marketing, focus their goals on digital transformation, and use the best practices of the platform to generate a better digital experience in terms of content, commerce, and customization.


Sitecore Symposium 2019


The two days of learning focused on four distinctive points: 

  • The digital connection, which covered the most interesting topics from strategy to the long-term maintenance of customers. We learned how from personalization, analytics, and marketing we can generate a better user experience. 

  • Development through Sitecore, taking advantage of tools that connect in different channels, structuring content and engaging with the customer from the first interaction. Security, privacy and customer concerns about their data in the digital age were also taken into account. 

  • Merchants, that through frontline customers who go beyond the shopping cart, also share their user experience on an ongoing basis. We got the latest updates on essential tools for creating reverse trade experiences, integration extensions, and online store technology.

  • Exploration of DevOps scenarios, establishing a DevOps culture in our organization. 


Hand in hand with these points, something that added exponentially was the keynote speakers. Our members had the opportunity to attend talks such as the ones by Dr. Rana el Kaliouby –who is a pioneer in Human Perception AI–, and Magic Johnson –Basketball hall of famer, Olympic gold medalist, and entrepreneur–. Each talk had a very different approach because each of the experts spoke from their point of experience, however, we stuck to the philosophy of the symposium, which was to create connections in the digital era.


Sitecore Symposium 2019


The Sitecore symposium exceeded our expectations. Our Inflection Point peers are sure that the question posed at the beginning of the symposium is answered in the following way: brands can thrive connecting with people in a unique and lasting way. 


So for two days, we discovered how Sitecore technology can meet Inflection Point client’s needs, including best practices in terms of delivery processes, implementation tools, architecture, security, privacy but above all: humanity. 


See you next year, at the Sitecore Symposium in Chicago!


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