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UX-PM Certification by Usaria – Level III.

The day of the third level of the UX-PM Certification of Usaria arrived and our team members Irasema Fernández and Anabel Ruíz were there to get certified. 

In this part of the course, the objective was to learn about leading a UX project. Usaria's UX-PM certification was designed in three levels that help to understand the UX design process, culminating in these last two days. Taught by Luis Carlos Aceves Gutiérrez, at this point, attendees were able to create a business case for a UX project, where the basis was team building. In this project, design reports were adapted to requirements, organizational context and product strategies, resources, and UX methods were anticipated in project planning and the methods learned in the last two levels were applied to it, optimizing quality, communication, and efficiency. 




Another important point in Usaria's UX-PM certification is the use of UX techniques to unite strategic and user points to develop win-win solutions. With what has been learned, metrics, KPI's and specific objectives can be defined to establish continuous measurement programs to evaluate product experience and future optimizations. With the diverse dynamics of the course, each user will be able to differentiate, empower and measure KPIs while building and managing the project guidelines as well as evaluating UX's specialized capabilities for any stage.




Taking this level becomes extremely important for Inflection Point since with the knowledge acquired in the course we don’t only obtain official certification from Usaria, but we can also implement the UX standards in any situation, for different clients and internally, measuring the quality of the projects in a better way and becoming leaders in the UX sector.


Congratulations to Irasema and Anabel for the effort, perseverance to get certified. Keep growing! 


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