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Team Building - QA and Testing Event 2019

Our annual Inflection Point’s Team Building - QA and Testing event took place a few days ago at CONVEX's facilities in Monterrey.

Team Building is a special event we hold for our QA and Testing members where they review the different trends for the following year, integration and team collaboration activities are carried out and recognition is given to our MVPs. (Most Valuable Members.) 


We started the event with a Lunch & Learn session, where our members had the opportunity to share with their respective teams, to later have a talk by Leticia Barceinas, our QA & Testing Director, about new technologies and updates, trends and references in the world of QA and Testing. 


QA and Testing Event


Our first integration activity was a small session of random questions, to know our partners better, what project they are in, what their favorite personal activities are and what is what they like the most about Inflection Point. As a second activity, teams of about 12 people were formed and divided into two by a room and with a single walkie-talkie, they had to recreate a figure built with Legos equal to that of the opposing part of the team. The fun part of this activity was that the team only had the walkie-talkie as a way of communication and being divided by a room, had no way to visualize the piece to match. Out of the 4 teams formed, only one didn’t build the indicated figure.


QA and Testing Event


Our third activity brought together 4 teams again, but with different members. This activity was about working with balloons to build a bear character with the material. Teams worked fast and challenges were added, such as blindfolding a team member, exchanging materials and using intermittent communication. All the teams presented their bear character to the others and we enjoyed a good conversation with the question: "What was the biggest challenge in doing this activity?


The third dynamic brought together again different teams, the challenge of the activity was to be able to place a small soccer ball on a flat base, taking into account that each member of the team would hold the ball only with a rope. The members of each team had to work on speeding up the tying of ropes to the ball and how to move it across the room to the base, where they would have to place the ball without it falling on the process. 


To round off our Team Building event, we had a presentation of awards to our Most Valuable team Members. A diploma along with a small engraved award was given to Montserrat, Aarón, Claudia, Sergio, Arturo, Alan, and Ernesto. Thank you so much for being an important and valuable part of Inflection Point! 


QA and Testing Event


We know that this event helps us strengthen ties with our teams and prepare for all the opportunities that the world of QA and Testing will offer us next year - We thank everyone who makes it possible for it to become a reality! 


About Inflection Point


Inflection Point is a leading software solutions company with more than 16 years of experience developing core technology, digital and enterprise solutions. It is a top-ranked company by the Great Place to Work Institute for the last 9 years, Inc5000, Best Working Mother Mexico and for the past two years, it has been named as a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Maryland. Headquartered close to Washington DC and with extensive experience working with companies in the US, Europe and Latin America in the Financial, Healthcare, Education, Security, High Tech and Hospitality industries, its multidisciplinary team of business analysts, consultants, designers, testers and software developers helps companies accelerate their innovation and grow their business.