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Sitecore vs WordPress

Sitecore is a Customer Experience Management company that provides web content management and multichannel marketing automation software. WordPress, on the other hand, is a Content Management System that can be used to develop any website, simple or complex. It is mainly used to create blogs that are updated periodically. However, more complex websites are also created on the platform. 


WordPress allows developers the freedom to build websites. They have a section for experts where they can consult code references, coding standards, themes for pages, some Plugins, Rest API and workflows. Sitecore uses mainly Visual Studio for development and has the Experience Editor where authors that never been in development experiences can do everything in an easy way, from moving items freely to change styles directly from the page.



WordPress is considered the most used CMS around the world. For this reason, it attracts thousands of potential users who have unethical intentions trying to violate it for harmful purposes or to spread spam. There are different channels where WordPress can be attacked, for example through its hosting, installed plugins or by weak or easily deductible passwords. However, there are really few cases that are presented concerning the security of the platform.



As we have been commenting, WordPress is a platform with an endless number of plugins that facilitate the workflow. Each page has a different target audience and goal, so each flow is different. We know that WordPress based platform is very friendly to create and modify pages, has a text editor, drag and drop system and the ability to add hyperlinks in publications. Sitecore handles the same way but with the difference that there can be different workflows and approvals depending on the content type, no approvals required are also an option.



You must always have WordPress updated to its latest version for the security and development of the platform. When there is a new version available, WordPress sends you a notification to perform the process automatically or if you prefer, manually. WordPress always recommends that you make a backup of your information before making an update. This way, if there is any problem with the update, your website is protected. In contrast, Sitecore update is more complex, since the changes in the platform have more impact on the core system.



By default, WordPress search form is a plain HTML form. However, the platform offers to add a form within messages or pages to specify in these fields. It could be said that the default abruptness of this CMS is very limited, but we must also take into account that being a platform with a lot of possibilities to add plugins, there are external agents to improvise these search channels.



Sitecore has a great advantage with enterprise-level organizations because it has features that are much easier to use. For example, its taskbar and content editor are very similar to Microsoft's editing tools, so it's easy to use for users who join the platform. Similarly, there are different training tools that the Sitecore platform provides for users to get the most out of the technology they’re using. 


In terms of workflow, Sitecore has a much more advanced workflow than WordPress, and information can be easily reviewed before publication. It is particularly useful when it comes to content that is handled by different people and across multiple locations. Also, at the time of testing, Sitecore does not need third parties to perform this type of action, something that stands out very much at the time of making this comparison.


When it comes to security, WordPress has a lot to lose. Because many of its functions or features are basically created by third parties to be used as plugins, there is a very large window of technological insecurity within those plugins. If these technologies are not monitored frequently, there is serious damage from hacking, information theft or spam. 

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