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Escucha Mi Voz – Together towards the goal!

Helping others is not an easy task, but when it is done from the heart it is the most rewarding thing there is. Escucha Mi Voz was born in 1994, with the need to help people suffering speech, voice or language disorders and emotional distress.

With more than 20 years of experience in Monterrey, Escucha Mi Voz is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of children, adolescents, and adults with voice, speech and language disorders. Founded by Dr. Martha Alicia Dávalos García, the high-quality clinic works day after day to achieve its unique goal: that each of its patients develops optimally.


"When we started seeing children more than 20 years ago, some of the cases were ready for therapy but later we lost track of them due to economic resources. Parents sought free or very affordable care elsewhere, but the advances were very poor and they returned with us. We tried to get these children who were not treated at the right time or with the necessary specialists to have their therapies and that's where we started to raise funds to start treating patients," says Dr. Martha Dávalos, about how the association was born.


Escucha Mi Voz Dr. Martha Alicia Dávalos García


When your knowledge and experience are the keys to save a life. 


Dr. Martha Dávalos is an otorhinolaryngologist who specializes in voice and speech. Throughout her career she has formed a work team composed of specialists in the field of health including Psychology, Education and Audiology who perform the work of the association that includes medical consultations, surgeries, individual and group therapies, motor and psychological evaluations and special programs for each child, not to mention the countless emotional and economic support provided not only to the patient but also to the families who come for help, from the first moment until the day in which the person can stand by themselves. 


"It is a great satisfaction to see how the association began to grow. Nowadays there is a very extensive work that is done with these children and we have patients who have been with us for more than 10 years who began with an appointment and have received through the years, the necessary therapies to be autonomous and independent," says Dr. Martha. 


Escucha Mi Voz has the necessary experience and implements simple exercises such as speech in vowels, therapy sessions supervised by professionals and more complex cases such as surgeries to return the voice to people who have lost it. Other problems such as paralysis of vocal cords, nodules, polyps, severe lesions, cancer and throat cysts are also treated. 


How do they support families who come to Escucha Mi Voz


In addition to providing medical care, consultations and treatments, the association performs specialized studies such as Audiometries, CT scans and X-rays. Complete psychological tests are performed on the patient, which are of great relevance due to the fact that there may be some disorders due to physical conditions. Surgeries required by each patient are also paid as well as the pre and post-surgical treatments. Additionally, specialists are selected in case they need any more support besides the one given in the clinic.


All help is of the utmost importance because the development of a person begins with the communication they have with the world. “In Escucha Mi Voz we have a dream, which is to offer patients the opportunity to complete a comprehensive treatment and also teach them a profession, so they can become totally independent and with a bright future,” said Dr. Dávalos.


Escucha Mi Voz Founders and IPS Team Members 


What can we do to help?


Escucha Mi Voz carries out charity races, raffles, bingo, lotteries and social events to subsidize the treatments, surgeries and consultations of each one of the patients of the association. 


We faithfully believe that the association's efforts to cover all expenses have a great weight in people's lives, so we are happy to unveil that Inflection Point worked on Escucha Mi Voz website and we know it will make a difference. Helping out our community is part of our culture, therefore we steadily contribute to it in as many ways as possible.


On the official page of Escucha Mi Voz you can make direct donations through PayPal. It also shows the bank details to make transfers directly to the account of the association. We know that with your support, a child's life will be changed!


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About Escucha Mi Voz


Escucha Mi Voz is a non-profit association that serves children, teenagers and adults with language problems. Located in the city of Monterrey and with 20 years of experience, is light and guide for those most in need. The Centro Especializado en Asesoría y Terapia del Habla (CEATH) is the organization that supports Escucha Mi Voz A.C. by providing its facilities.


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