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For Marketers: How can Sitecore 9.2 update’s help in the job’s performance?

Sitecore recently announced some enhancements to its Sitecore Experience Platform and Site Content Hub. These improvements are focused on benefiting cost controls in order to achieve the goals of the marketing departments.

Hand in hand with this, Content Marketing Platform has been launched and Managed Cloud improved, which will provide better platform management, a customized site experience, faster project planning, data analysis and other benefits that will be directly reflected in the workflow. 


What features does Sitecore Experience Platform version 9.2 and Sitecore Content Hub version 3.2 offer?

  • Customization Reports

  • Sitecore JavaScript Services Alignment

  • The Sitecore Experience Accelerator

  • Sitecore DAM integration with Sitecore Web Content Management Systems in a single user experience

Another strength of Sitecore's mid-year upgrades is that it includes Managed Cloud offerings, which enable marketers to deliver personalized content in real-time and at scale across all channels, before, during and after a sale. These enhancements (including infrastructure monitoring and support, a customer success manager, database recovery or restoration, for example) can "
simplify the life of marketing and IT teams." said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group.


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For marketers, how can these improvements help in their job performance?

  • Production can be optimized by organizing multiple simultaneous workflows. In this way, collaborative work is easily turned over through a unified environment. 

  • Content use and distribution are optimized to reach target audiences across all channels. In this way, the demand for content production for all devices and channels can be met and surpassed. 

  • Effectively plan, manage, and collaborate on content strategies - you're always ready when and where you need to be.

The release of Sitecore Content Marketing Platform will give marketers a unified and collaborative platform to boost the speed, scale, and impact of content marketing, leading to more sales and better ROI," said Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Sitecore.


This new Sitecore offering is an extremely important tool for marketers who know the demand for specific, fresh content for the right channel at the right time. Let's see how in the near future, these tools advance to make it easier to use them and let the workflow in a more organic way.

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