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Sitecore’s new Training Courses

Continuing with Sitecore’s mid-year release we also got new training courses which I think is awesome cause up until now there was only a limited number of official courses you could enroll. For example, a few months ago there were only six or seven options for developers and 3 or 4 for marketers but now it’s a whole different story.

There are a few topics that stand out for me: the first would be Building Solutions using Sitecore® Helix 9.2 because as you may know Sitecore is now pushing hard for everyone to adopt the Helix design principles. Another course that caught my eye was Sitecore® JSS Fundamentals 9.2 for which we only had official documentation previously. If you’re already a Sitecore certified professional you could keep learning with Getting started with Managed Cloud Sitecore® 9.2 because everything is moving to the cloud these days.


Sitecore's New Training Courses


If we’re talking about the new additions for marketers, I would mention Context Marketing Fundamentals 9.2 which is aimed at those who want to deliver targeted content personalization and ensure the optimal customer experience. Speaking of personalization, a key feature of Sitecore you could also enroll in is the Personalization and Experience Optimization 9.2 where you could fine tune your personalization skills.


Here are a few more courses that were recently added:

  • Extension2 of Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0

  • Fast-Track Design in Sitecore® Experience Accelerator 9.2

  • Preparing for Your Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Deployment 9.1

  • Extension 2 of Sitecore® 8.2 Experience Solution Developer eLearning

  • Context Marketing Fundamentals 9.2

  • Installing Sitecore® XP0 9.2

  • Introduction to Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 9.2

  • Personalization and Experience Optimization 9.2

  • Web Experience Management 9.2

Go to Sitecore’s official e-learning page for further details:

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